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Common Magicjack problems

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  • What kind of Internet I need to use Magicjack

  • Can my number gets "unlisted"?

    NO. However, your telephone number will not be listed in any directory assistance or any public telephone directories.
  • Does Magicjack works with Wi-Fi or wireless Broadband?

    Yes it is possible you can use it on wireless broadband.
  • How do I make Calls outside US and Canada?

    You can call outside the U.S and Canada by dialling 011 then country code area code destination number it’s that easy.
  • How much time does it takes to install Magicjack and make calls?

    Once you plug in Magicjack the first time, Calls can be made in minutes. You receive the phone number at the time of registration

If you have any other questions apart from these things for help and support calls +1 800 466 5315