Unlimited Phone Calls with MagicJack magicJackEXPRESS
    Unlimited calls to US and Canada
    You get your own US/Canadian Phone number
    Exceptional call quality
    Very simple set up
    Try the new magicJackGO
  • Introducing the New magicJackGO
    Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling With magicJackGO
    Unlimited calls to US and Canada
    You get your own US/Canadian Phone number
    MagicJack APP(available on Android/IOS) compatible with your" magicJackGO " registered number
    Very simple set up
    Try the new magicJackGO
    Exceptional call quality
    TOLL FREE +1 800 466 5315
  • Uniden Cordless Phone
    Expandable Cordless Speakerphone with Caller ID
    Multi-Handset Features
    Dual Keypad and LCD Screen at Base
    Hands-Free Duplex Speakerphone in the Handset and Base
    Trilingual Display Options(English, French and Spanish)
    Animation Displays

Common Magicjack problems

  • What kind of Internet I need to use Magicjack?

    You need to have the Internet connections listed below
    • Broadband
    • Wireless
    • Cable Internet
    • High-Speed Internet
    • DSL
    • Wi-Fi
    • You should have bandwidth speed of 128 kb/s (minimum)
    • In some cases you can use it on less bandwidth.
  • Most Common VIOP Issues

    Common VIOP Issues listed below
    • VIOP Activation
    • VIOP Installation
    • VIOP Registration
    • VIOP Registration Expired
    • VIOP is dead no dailtone
    • VIOP is not working with router or PC
    • Cannot access your VIOP voicemail / My voicemail is not working.
    • VIOP Plus is not Detected by the PC
  • Can my number gets "unlisted"?

    NO. However, your telephone number will not be listed in any directory assistance or any public telephone directories.
  • Does VIOP works with Wi-Fi or wireless Broadband?

    Yes it is possible you can use it on wireless broadband.
  • What if I lose my VIOP password and/or email address?

    You can get it by contacting VIOP help & support.
  • How do I make Calls outside US and Canada?

    You can call outside the U.S and Canada by dialling 011 then country code area code destination number it's that easy.
  • How much time does it takes to install VIOP and make calls?

    Once you plug in VIOP the first time, Calls can be made in minutes. You receive the phone number at the time of registration
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